Sunday, February 17, 2008

NC Road Race

Well yesterday James, Jon and myself drove down to Sanford,NC to a 3/4 road race. About a 4 hour drive with only 4 u-turns. Not to bad. So after finding the race site. We get the car unloaded and head up to get our numbers. Well first thing first. They have no more pins to pin your numbers to your jersey. #2 no toliet paper in the 4 porta- johns. After getting some baby wipes we were good to go. Then comes #3 we line up and start the race. It started of with attacks right of the jump. Just rember we have 56 miles to go. The race started with a nice little climb and then some rollers. Well we were comming down a hill and onto the flat road area. I was on the outside of 3 wide and near the back of the field. When a paper cup blew in the road way and someone got out of control and caused a nice big crash at about 30mph. I went to the left and locked up my breaks and lost a rear tire and then road over someone on the ground and lost my front tire and bent my rear derailer. So im out of the race with .82 miles of racing and about min &45 secs into the race. Not a happy camper at this time. Jon and James went on and did some training on the course as I waited for someone to come back and pick me up. Well that did not happend. So I had to walk back to the start line. Well just hope the rest of the season goes better.