Wednesday, September 5, 2007

SM 100

Well I finished the SM 100 on Sunday! WOW what a adventure that was. Thanks to XXXTodd and Nichole for the ride up to the race and back. Well on saturday when we arrived at the race site XXXTodd and I prerode the last 6-8 miles of the course. Im glad we did that on saturday because it really helped with me finishing in the dark.
Well on sunday morning we started this race aporx 6:30 am. Off the race started with the frist crack of daylight. The first of the 6 climbs was not to bad but I was just sitting in and not trying to blow up in the first couple hours of the race knowing it was to take like at least 12-14 hours to complete. After getting up to the top of the climb the first downhill was pretty easy and I was able to handle it with no problem. Then off to the second climb boy that was a narly climb and decent. I ended up hiking up to the top along with a crowd of riders. The downhill was sick I was getting a little nervous but made it down it and off to the 2nd aid station. That is where I removed so clothes and recived full water bottles and had some food. Then off to 2 more climbs and some more downhills. After about 6 hours into the race I started to get some cramps in my legs but nothing to hold me back I was just trying to power through it and if I had to I would get off the bike and started hiking up the climbs with my bike until either I could climb or the cramps would go away. Well finally made it to the aid station 4. Got some lube on the chain from the great aid station volunters, some food and drink mix. Then I was off to the 18 mile(aprox) climb where I did not think the climb was going to end. Man that was a draining climb I tried to save some energy for that climb but dont think I had any left. But I made it up to it somehow. Finally I saw that I was heading for aid station 6 where I only had like 12 miles to go. I know I had pre rode like 6-8 miles of it so I felt pretty good with the downhill part. Well I got to the top and I had to turn the light on and away I went for a small climb and then the downhill to the finish. Man what a great adventure that was. Thanks to XXXTodd for the words of wisdom that really kept me going through the race. W.ell not to bad of time for only being on a mountain bike for about a handful of times. 14:07 was my time.
Stole a few pictures from Todd and Nichole.