Monday, March 17, 2008

Dismal Dash TT


Well this was my true first TT on my New Orbea TT bike. What a great time I felt I turned. With a time of 1:07:50 and 22mph avg I felt good. I almost felt like I could have did a little better if I had a computer on the bike. Oh well maybe next time. After a teammate came in(Kyle) he told me to save some energy for the ride back. So on the way out I tried to keep the heart rate up but not to high. At the first turn it my time was around 13 mins and then the turn around it was around 31 mins. After the turn around to come back it was like hitting a brick wall. I knew I had to really push it to beat my time last year of 1:17. So I just got into a zone and worked. After making the last right hand turn I knew it was not long then. I hit the turn around 50mins. So I ramped the heart rate up and hit it as hard as I could to the finish line. Over all I was stoked with my time. Now I have something to shoot for next TT out there. Thanks to ABB for putting on the race and for keeping the rain and heavy winds away.