Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ID3 Racing

Well Allison, Lauren and I packed up the car and headed out to Salem to her sisters house for a weekend of racing. The first day we went to Downtown Roanoake to race. The course was kinda techincal to what I have been racing on this year. It had 5 turns with in 0.7 of a mile. The field started off with about 30 racers. 15 mins into the race my computer fell off. Not sure if that was a good thing or not. So no more mointoring of the heart then. So a few attacks nothing was sticking. Then 2 guys got away and stayed away. After a few more laps there was only 12 guys on the lead lap. I was feeling ok at this time. Heart rate was kinda up but not too bad. On the second to last lap the acceleration went up and I was fighting for a good position. I was kinida hard to move up. So I know that I had to put in a good sprint. The sprint came up and I finished 10th place. Not bad at all I was pleased.

Off to Blacksburg for the final race of the series. Once again the field was a decent size of 30 racers. We started the race on a climb. We all stayed together for the first few laps. The first half of the race was a climb and then on the back side was a nice decent. I was feeling really good in this race. It was kinda techincal with the climbs and decents. About midway through the race the field was destroyed leaving only 8 riders on the lead lap I belive. With the bell lap comming up I placed myself in 3rd wheel. Knowing that the finish was going to be a climb sprint. I was ready for it. We started the back of the course and started to decent through the turns when my rear tire blew out and tacoed the rear wheel. That was pretty scary since we were in a turn at about 30mph. Needless to say that I DNFed the race. Well that is racing but I was pretty upset not to finish the race when I was feeling so good. Next year I will be back!

Thanks to Allison for talking all the pictures.