Monday, March 10, 2008

Snowball Crit #2

Yesterday was the second Snowball Crit out at the Sports complex in Virginia Beach. Glad to see that the wind settled compared to Saturday's wind. The race started out with 2 laps that at a slower speed then the attacks started happening. One group had a breakaway and with Josh in it and a few others. I thought it would be great to have 2 teammates in the breakaway. So I attacked and headed to the breakaway group. After attacking into the wind I was close but a far away at the same time. The gap was to big to bridge up. I fell back into the pack and recovered. I spent most of the race in the front half of the pack. When 5 laps were left I decided not to try to work any more and have some energy for the Field sprint. The second to last lap the pace picked up and then the last lap it felt like everyone set up til the last 2 turns when the paced picked back up and the sprint started. I was feeling good when the sprint started. I got out of the saddle and started my sprint and had a rider sitting in front of me so I had to dart around him and ended up with 4th in the field sprint. Jon took the overall win. Good job Jon. The team looked good in yesterdays race. See ya at the VBW Smackdown this weekend!!