Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well after another trip to Velocity my hammys are screaming. So after getting the little one off to the baby sitters I decided to hit the road for a nice recovery ride to relax the hammys. Well heading out the door it looked kinda brezzy but not to bad and the weather was warm. So I said to myself that shorts and jersey would be good for the ride. After getting to Creeds store with a nice tail wind. I started my ride back heading into the wind. The wind shifted a little to the north and there it was nice and chilly breeze. I was like as long as I keep going I will be fine. Stopping in to Contes to use the restroom. I came out and was like burr. Where were my arm and leg warmers. Oh at home! So the rest of the ride was kinda chilly and I was running out of food and just ready to get home. But over all itwas a nice spin for a few 3 hours at a nice easy pace. Now back home and ready to chill and get ready for another day at the firehouse and then 5 days off! See ya on the road.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Perfect Day!

Well today I went on a nice long training ride out to Pungo and then headed west to nearly 168 and back around. Since I did not get a chance to get up to the mountains to see fall colors I had to settle with what little color change there is in Pungo ( too many pine trees). But it was well worth the ride. After shelling the arm and leg warmers it was beautiful ride. After being out for nearly 5 hours I come home to see like 8 different pieces of fire apparatus on my street and in front of my house. I was like wow did my crap burn down. Then I forgot that we are having a marsh fire( i think) behind my house. So after my heart rate came back down I was good to go. Well going to go and get some turkey shopping done and get ready for the turkey day ride .

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Nothing big been going on here. Just been getting the house ready to sell it and been looking for a new place to live. Went to Velocity again last night for another good work out. Not as sore as the first night. Today just been hanging out since the weather was crappy outside. Just got on the trainer for a bit and just relaxing before heading back to work tomorrow. Then I will be off to Baltimore for a friends bachelor party this weekend.