Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well after another trip to Velocity my hammys are screaming. So after getting the little one off to the baby sitters I decided to hit the road for a nice recovery ride to relax the hammys. Well heading out the door it looked kinda brezzy but not to bad and the weather was warm. So I said to myself that shorts and jersey would be good for the ride. After getting to Creeds store with a nice tail wind. I started my ride back heading into the wind. The wind shifted a little to the north and there it was nice and chilly breeze. I was like as long as I keep going I will be fine. Stopping in to Contes to use the restroom. I came out and was like burr. Where were my arm and leg warmers. Oh at home! So the rest of the ride was kinda chilly and I was running out of food and just ready to get home. But over all itwas a nice spin for a few 3 hours at a nice easy pace. Now back home and ready to chill and get ready for another day at the firehouse and then 5 days off! See ya on the road.