Sunday, October 12, 2008

Loft Mountain

Just got back from a weekend of hiking and camping at Loft Mountain. Went up to the mountains with some guys from work. Some just wanted to get away and others wanted to get away and do some hiking along the AT and other trails. We arrived friday around 2. Set up camp and hit the trails for some 5 miles of hiking. Along The Frazier Discovery trail we saw some bear poo but no bears in sight. Like to see one but glad we did not see any. At the halfway point we took a break some took the paved path back to camp and the rest of us head back up the trail for some nice evelvation gain. Back at camp ate some dinner and got in the tent knowing we were going out for about 10 miles the next day.
Day 2:

The day started with a nice view of the sunrise through the trees and cool temps. We all got some breakfast in us and hit the AT. We hiked the AT for about 30 mins and broke off the AT to Doyles Run and Jones Run trail to see some nice water falls. The trails took us down from the summit to the valley. After passing all 3 water falls it was now time to hike up out of the valley. It was about 1500 ft of evelvation gain for us to get back up to the top. Once back up at the summit of the mountain we stopped for a break and some lunch. After lunch we hiked back up the AT for the next 5 miles to get back to camp. Some guys were getting tired and sore. But we all finished back at the campsite with about 6 hours of hiking.
Here are some pictures enjoy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New View!

Well the house in VB finally sold and we are now located in Chesapeake,VA. We are very with our house choice. We are in a very quite neighborhood with NO jets flying over our heads shacking our pictures in our house. I'm able to commute to work via my road bike. Very short ride like 20 mins at a easy pace. I'm pretty stoked about being able to do that since fuel prices are still through the roof. I have only had to drive twice since we have moved in. ( approx a month now) Well here is a view of our backyard. More house pictures of the house to come.