Monday, April 26, 2010

Rest Week

After 7 weeks of some good threshold training here is a well deserved rest week. I was off the bike all weekend due to a work related class out of town all weekend. Today was spent working around the house and hitting an easy ride late this afternoon. Legs and lungs felt pretty good today. Hoping to have some good strong legs this coming up Saturday for the Wintergreen Ascent. I'm shooting for the lower 40's.

Thursday I will be heading up to Yorktown to get in a ride with Todd Helmick and Dan Gibson. Hope to get some pictures while we are out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well this year was off to a slow start due to a broken hand. I crashed at Bryan Park CX race last Oct. Did not know it was broke. I started a 7 day hike from Front Royal to Waynesboro. That was when we got blown off the trail due to the nor' easter, mad rain and cold temps was not fun. So in the day before Thanksgiving I had surgery(3pins put in my left hand). So it was not a productive winter on the bike.

The first two Snowball Crits went OK. I tested my legs and lungs and had no success with it. The second crit I attacked and could not get back on. Went to Greenville,NC for a crit and was destroyed again. Smithfield Hammer Fest was the same way but I was gaped and could not close the gap with 3 bike lengths. After the previous crits I was like wow is this how my season is going to go. Had a pretty good Langley Crit. We did not win but the team rode really aggressive and strong, just not strong enough.

So I figured that I really need to improve my threshold. So for the past 7 weeks that is what I have been doing. Hopefully it will kick start the engine and keep me going for the rest of the season.

I did have my personal best at the Conquer Canal TT earlier this month. My time was 29:47 was was a min faster then last year. I had pretty good numbers my average power was 276. Not bad since I am only weighing in at 157lbs. I just need to work on my aero position and hopefully move up in the results.