Monday, October 1, 2007

Carnage! Urgh!!

Well after a great weekend with the family and doing some riding, today was not so good. I got up and went for a 3 hour ride this morning and on the way home turning off of Pacific Ave onto Winston Salem I was riding behind this van when he suddenly stopped and made a abrout left turn with no single and no place for me to go so I applied as much breaking force as I could and hit a dip in the road and there went me and the bike slidding right towards the van. Then all I heard was crunch and I was like NOOOOO!! The driver was like I usually dont come this way and I did not see you. I was like no $h!t. We had a few choice words. Nothing really came out of it besides my bike with a bent wheel, broke rear derailer and hanger, toast saddle and some minor road rash, cuts and bruises. Well the good thing is that I dont have any broken bones and can still walk.