Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Birthday

Well today is my birthday and I started the day going to DVM. Man it must be nice to have a job that you can open the doors 10 mins late and then not even call the first person up to the counter til 15 mins later. Glad that is done 35 mins to complete a 3 min transaction and I was the 3rd person to get called up. Well then I pulled up in my drive way and seen this lady jogging down the street and did not look familiar to me at all. So did not pay much attention to her at all, I live at a dead end street and did not see her start running the other way. So I went to see what the heck she was doing. Well when I found her in the horseshoe pit area that we have she was hugging a tree. WOW. I could not believe I was seeing that. Wish I had my camera so I could have gotten a shot of that. She told me that is was giving her some energy to make it back home. I was like ok but get lost lady. Then since the wind was crazy today I decided to take the longboard out today and get in some cardio in. Hope the wind will die for tomorrow and I can get a long ride in that is needed. Well off to dinner with the family! See you on the road.