Sunday, December 30, 2007


This happened a few days ago. Just got my hands on these pictures. This accident happened early Thursday morning on RT 17 out in Suffolk. The van lost control somehow and got sideways when this rollback wrecker hit the minivan. The driver was pinned in the van and the passenger was ejected out the side door of the minivan. He ended up under the van, between where the rear wheel should have been and bumper with about a foot of his upper body under the van. When we arrived on scene I was like WOW. Thinking no one could be alive in this van. But after treating him and flying him to Norfolk General he was still living at that time. Here are a few pictures of the accident.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well I took out the mountain bike to day to New Quarter Park today. What a beautiful day it was. Just out taking it easy on the trails since it was supper windy back at the beach. There were so many leaves on the ground it was hard at first to see where the trail went. But over all it was a great day on the trails and also back home on the beach cruiser on the board walk. To bad I could not get in touch with xxx himself for some company. Maybe next time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well after another trip to Velocity my hammys are screaming. So after getting the little one off to the baby sitters I decided to hit the road for a nice recovery ride to relax the hammys. Well heading out the door it looked kinda brezzy but not to bad and the weather was warm. So I said to myself that shorts and jersey would be good for the ride. After getting to Creeds store with a nice tail wind. I started my ride back heading into the wind. The wind shifted a little to the north and there it was nice and chilly breeze. I was like as long as I keep going I will be fine. Stopping in to Contes to use the restroom. I came out and was like burr. Where were my arm and leg warmers. Oh at home! So the rest of the ride was kinda chilly and I was running out of food and just ready to get home. But over all itwas a nice spin for a few 3 hours at a nice easy pace. Now back home and ready to chill and get ready for another day at the firehouse and then 5 days off! See ya on the road.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Perfect Day!

Well today I went on a nice long training ride out to Pungo and then headed west to nearly 168 and back around. Since I did not get a chance to get up to the mountains to see fall colors I had to settle with what little color change there is in Pungo ( too many pine trees). But it was well worth the ride. After shelling the arm and leg warmers it was beautiful ride. After being out for nearly 5 hours I come home to see like 8 different pieces of fire apparatus on my street and in front of my house. I was like wow did my crap burn down. Then I forgot that we are having a marsh fire( i think) behind my house. So after my heart rate came back down I was good to go. Well going to go and get some turkey shopping done and get ready for the turkey day ride .

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Nothing big been going on here. Just been getting the house ready to sell it and been looking for a new place to live. Went to Velocity again last night for another good work out. Not as sore as the first night. Today just been hanging out since the weather was crappy outside. Just got on the trainer for a bit and just relaxing before heading back to work tomorrow. Then I will be off to Baltimore for a friends bachelor party this weekend.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well I started winter training with the Virginia Beach Wheelmen at Velocity last night. Man what a good workout. I knew it was a good work out when I got up this morning to stretch and felt sore. But after stretching it out I felt alot better. There is a good group of guys and girls that are all doing the training as well from Tri Power All About Bikes. After 20 sessions I should be in real good shape!! ( we will see).

Monday, October 1, 2007

Carnage! Urgh!!

Well after a great weekend with the family and doing some riding, today was not so good. I got up and went for a 3 hour ride this morning and on the way home turning off of Pacific Ave onto Winston Salem I was riding behind this van when he suddenly stopped and made a abrout left turn with no single and no place for me to go so I applied as much breaking force as I could and hit a dip in the road and there went me and the bike slidding right towards the van. Then all I heard was crunch and I was like NOOOOO!! The driver was like I usually dont come this way and I did not see you. I was like no $h!t. We had a few choice words. Nothing really came out of it besides my bike with a bent wheel, broke rear derailer and hanger, toast saddle and some minor road rash, cuts and bruises. Well the good thing is that I dont have any broken bones and can still walk.

Friday, September 28, 2007

5 Day Break

So far on this 5 day break I was looking for some good riding weather. Well it is not here yet. Yesterday I went out and for a moderate ride(3 hours) and was greeted by some nice rain showers. They were nice but it made it more humid then already was.

Today I said it is supposed to be windy so I decided to get up at the crack of dawn for a ride today. It was supposed to be nice and sunny and once again it was nice and cloudy with some moderate wind. Well I went out any way since I could use some good cardio miles. I headed out for a journey. I ended up out in Pungo for a nice senic ride and back to the oceanfront. And still no SUN when is it going to come out. No picutres becasue it looked like rain the whole ride so I left the camera at home. Hope the other 3 days are better with some sun! See you on the road!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Birthday

Well today is my birthday and I started the day going to DVM. Man it must be nice to have a job that you can open the doors 10 mins late and then not even call the first person up to the counter til 15 mins later. Glad that is done 35 mins to complete a 3 min transaction and I was the 3rd person to get called up. Well then I pulled up in my drive way and seen this lady jogging down the street and did not look familiar to me at all. So did not pay much attention to her at all, I live at a dead end street and did not see her start running the other way. So I went to see what the heck she was doing. Well when I found her in the horseshoe pit area that we have she was hugging a tree. WOW. I could not believe I was seeing that. Wish I had my camera so I could have gotten a shot of that. She told me that is was giving her some energy to make it back home. I was like ok but get lost lady. Then since the wind was crazy today I decided to take the longboard out today and get in some cardio in. Hope the wind will die for tomorrow and I can get a long ride in that is needed. Well off to dinner with the family! See you on the road.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Long Week

WOW what a long week at work. Working every other day at the firehouse makes a long week. We did not run alot of calls either making it very long days. Went out for a couple rode rides this week not to mount to alot. Just taking it easy. Well need rest week though. Hopefully next week will bring less wind and more sun for some good ridding.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

SM 100

Well I finished the SM 100 on Sunday! WOW what a adventure that was. Thanks to XXXTodd and Nichole for the ride up to the race and back. Well on saturday when we arrived at the race site XXXTodd and I prerode the last 6-8 miles of the course. Im glad we did that on saturday because it really helped with me finishing in the dark.
Well on sunday morning we started this race aporx 6:30 am. Off the race started with the frist crack of daylight. The first of the 6 climbs was not to bad but I was just sitting in and not trying to blow up in the first couple hours of the race knowing it was to take like at least 12-14 hours to complete. After getting up to the top of the climb the first downhill was pretty easy and I was able to handle it with no problem. Then off to the second climb boy that was a narly climb and decent. I ended up hiking up to the top along with a crowd of riders. The downhill was sick I was getting a little nervous but made it down it and off to the 2nd aid station. That is where I removed so clothes and recived full water bottles and had some food. Then off to 2 more climbs and some more downhills. After about 6 hours into the race I started to get some cramps in my legs but nothing to hold me back I was just trying to power through it and if I had to I would get off the bike and started hiking up the climbs with my bike until either I could climb or the cramps would go away. Well finally made it to the aid station 4. Got some lube on the chain from the great aid station volunters, some food and drink mix. Then I was off to the 18 mile(aprox) climb where I did not think the climb was going to end. Man that was a draining climb I tried to save some energy for that climb but dont think I had any left. But I made it up to it somehow. Finally I saw that I was heading for aid station 6 where I only had like 12 miles to go. I know I had pre rode like 6-8 miles of it so I felt pretty good with the downhill part. Well I got to the top and I had to turn the light on and away I went for a small climb and then the downhill to the finish. Man what a great adventure that was. Thanks to XXXTodd for the words of wisdom that really kept me going through the race. W.ell not to bad of time for only being on a mountain bike for about a handful of times. 14:07 was my time.
Stole a few pictures from Todd and Nichole.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sherando Lake

This trip was a few weeks ago but I finally got around to getting a blog up and running so I will just do a little write up on it now. Well we finally got to the area where we were going to park and it was already like 90+ degrees. Off we went to the trail head. As most of you know this some of the best riding around. My first real mountain bike ride. As we entered the trail head to a false flat for about 5 miles or so and entered a pretty rocky section, Todd told me to go ahead and navagaite my way through. WOW I was pretty amazed that I was able to make it through it on my first try. Well after that is when the real climbing began. Todd told me just to take my time and pace my self. I tried to pace myself but man what a tough climb that was. But it really paid off when we got to the top and started to decend down the parkway. After recovering down the parkway we hit about 2 miles of down hill on the trial. That was an eye opener. Over all it was a good day, lot of fun and some good training for the SM100.

Thursday, August 23, 2007