Monday, June 14, 2010

Vanderkittens Cause for Paws Crit

Yesterday my teammate Josh and I went out to the Cause for Paws crit. There was no Cat 3 field so we raced the Cat 123 field. It was a hot one so I was trying to keep hydrated as much as possible. We lined up and were ready to go. We were racing for 60 mins. The race started pretty steady with attacks starting from the gun. Josh went with one with a Fat Frogs guy. They stayed out for a couple laps before they were brought back in. I went with a couple attacks but nothing really stuck. I did bridge a couple gaps and chase down a couple breakaways. Josh went for a prime and won it. He was riding very strong. Then with about 5 laps to go teams were starting to get organized to set up there sprinters. I was riding in great position. I had a few guys that I was watching. The last lap guys were ramping it up some I was still in great position. I held on the wheel in front of me and sprinted around for a 5th place finish. I was sprinting but not like I should have since I thought there was still a couple riders away. But I'm very pleased with my result in the Cat 123.