Monday, May 3, 2010

Wintergreen Ascent

The family and I went up to Wintergreen Ascent Hill Climb this year. We drove up on Friday, scoped out the course and went to Afton Mountain Winery. Saturday morning we drove up to the top of the mountain. The warm up went well, go some good intervals in. The next thing I know it is time to head down to the bottom via the shuttle. Made it to the bottom of the mountain at the start line. Rolled around keeping the legs loose. Got to the start line with about 5mins before I was to go off. Started the race feeling good. Not trying to go to hard but keep the power right below my threshold. I was feeling good but knew that this was the easiest part of the race.(first 3miles) Then the turn into Wintergreen. Right at the guard shack it was pretty nasty and then the heart rate was up and never came back down. Then the legs were still feeling pretty good. But they just did not want to turn over the pedals. Then the last turn up on to Devils Knob. How sick of a climb that last mile was 15% grade. Over all I finished the race. I was hoping to be in the 40's but ended up with a 50:47 for the 6.75 miles and average of 9%grade. I was happy to be at the finish. Next year I will be in the 40's!

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